Our Values


We choose to pass any discounts we receive directly to our clients. This includes trade discounts for the purchasing of furniture, materials and services.


We are committed to making your space work for you, so we disregard incentives that could distract us from achieving the best results for our clients.

Protecting Our Environment

We believe that wellness comes from living in harmony with our environment. We feel well when our environment nurtures and supports us.


We choose to contribute to the protection of our natural environment, so we make conscious choices about the impact of our purchases and our actions on the natural world – the air, the earth, and the water. We choose to partner with, and purchase from, brands and companies who share our concern for the wellness of the earth.

Reclaiming natural beauty

Nature is a never ending inspiration for us, and we seek to incorporate the true beauty of nature wherever we can. This means we favour natural lighting and the use of natural materials, including living plants and healing materials, which absorb radiation generated by electrical devices such as Wi-Fi and television.


Incorporating the beauty of the natural world uplifts the energy of a space, and allows our bodies to relax. Re-Imagen believes it is time to restore real beauty to our busy urban world: beauty that uplifts, revitalises and reconnects us to our basic human sense of touch, sight, sound, smell and taste.

Restoring Individuality

In a world saturated by fashion and celebrity trends, we believe in the value of coming back to our own sense of uniqueness. No style, colour scheme or theme is appropriate for everyone, because each project is one of a kind.


We believe in the power of expressing individuality through our space – whatever that means for you as a person or as an organisation. We are committed to seeing you for who you are, and working with you to create what you need, for the longer term – not just the current season.

Wellness in the Urban Jungle

Restore · Re-balance · Re-connect

Re-imagining working and living spaces.

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